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God is a miracle working God. He can and will do many things because he loves us. God is a healer, deliverer, and a blessing God. He has done so many things for us and in our ministry. On this page will be different testimonies of things God has done. Enjoy them and praise God with us.


In August 2011 we preached in Rosenberg, Texas. The services were awesome and the altars were full every service. We saw healings, deliverances and souls seeking God. One gentleman got a miracle. He was dying of cancer and in a wheelchair. We prayed for him Sunday morning. By Wednesday we got a report that the doctors did tests and could not find any cancer. Praise God! Then a couple of weeks later we got an update that he was out of the wheelchair and walking on his own and going to McDonald for coffee for the first time in a long time. God is good.



                                                             Gentleman with cancer and in the wheelchair..


God has encouraged us. Dr. Sharon has written a book "God Can & God Will!?"God gave her what to write and it did not take long to write and only took two weeks for the publisher to have the book ready for sell. God wanted the book on the market. Since being available it has blessed everyone who reads it and it is being used in Africa to teach about God's power and abilities.

Dr. Cook will write more books and you can find them on the store page of this website"


The year of 2011 has been a year God has blessed this ministry. God has supplied all finances for ministry trips and engagements. Kenneth & Sharon Cook in the past has had to put some personal finances in the ministry to make ends meet but not so this year. Every need has been supplied. God has blessed greatly. I know God will continue to bless and do what He has promised.


Sunday evening October 2, 2011 Dr. Sharon prayed for a woman that had Fibromyalgia. The next evening the lady reported that she had the best nights sleep and no pain all day. She felt good for the first time in years.Praise God!


Saturday October 22, 2011 Kenneth prayed for a young man who had a short leg and limped.He recently had surgery on ligaments in his ankle and still had pain. After prayer the young man no longer limped and had no more pain.


God wants his people to be obedient and faithful. Pastor Cooks have tried to do both. They have been waiting on God for him to fulfill the vision that He has placed in them. God has promised some great things. They have seen and are about see some great miracles. Some are in Dr Cook’s book. ‘God Can & God Will’. More will be in the next book. Faith Hope & Love Outreach has been waiting on a building to use for church until God gives them something that they own. God has recently answered prayers and prophecies in that area. God said FHLOM will get a nice place that was cheap and that the landlord would work with God’s plan. Well, it has come to pass and church services start June 3, 2012 at 225 Walnut in Ottawa, Kansas. Praise God, He does miracles today.



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